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I have been offering help with Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Derby many years and have carried out in excess of 8,000 client sessions – covering a wide variety of disciplines, but particularly Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Derby.

I have done a previous post covering Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Derby – and my thoughts concerning this type of therapy. What I am discussing in this post is to what I do with regards to Weight loss Hypnotherapy in Derby, that is, NOT putting you on a diet – but on to a healthier lifestyle, which if you think about it is the right way to go ! So, you will be wanting to become more active (if you are able), wanting to cut out the snacking, wanting you to eat less – and healthier and drink more water…. So as you can see it is the sensible way to go.

Now there are two ways of looking at Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Derby. Firstly, there is a section of the population who are stressed / depressed / anxious / emotional and the term ‘comfort eating’ comes into mind here. If you think about it logically then its best to deal with whatever is behind the unhealthy behaviour first, because if help to reduce the ‘reasons’ for the problem, then the symptoms naturally reduce and with a little ‘reprogramming’ we can then get you on that healthy lifestyle. It’s hard to say exactly how many sessions, but unless somebody is suffering severe problems then I would normally say around 4 / 5 sessions. These would normally be on a weekly basis, each lasting an hour and at a cost of £60.00 per session.

Of course, it’s equally likely that a potential client looking for Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Derby has just got themselves into bad habits, in which case a ‘one off ’ session will suffice. This would take around 1.5 – 2 hours. The first part we would literally be discussing your issues, your life styles, what your goals are (size / weight wise), what you feel you may be doing wrong and how you are going to change around your life style etc. This would lead quite nicely into the Hypnosis session which I would ‘tailor’ on to your own individual needs and requirements. The session comes with hand outs and is also backed up on to cd should you feel you ever need to ‘top up’ in the future. Cost wise the one off session costs £120.00.

If you have any doubts in to which category you fall, don’t worry, I always offer a free consultation first if you require.

Clients often wonder how effective Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Derby can be. …so let me relate to you 2 case histories.

  1. Client came to me with presenting symptoms of being overweight complicated by type 2 diabetes. Her Doctor had informed her that she needed to lose weight and get onto a healthier lifestyle. This meant cutting out chocolate (her favourite). Of course the more she tried not to think about the chocolate, the more she wanted it (law of reverse effect ! ) . I did a single session with her which worked fine. She reported to me at a later date that her daughter had given her a Mars bar – which normally she would have eaten. However, she just put it into her handbag. 2 weeks later, she again found it in her handbag but just gave it back to her daughter saying she just “didn’t fancy it ! “
  2. Client came to me wanting to lose weight. She liked jogging and saw it as a way of getting some exercise into her life. The problem was that she just didn’t have the motivation to get up in the morning to do it. Some weeks later I set off on an early morning visit up to Blackpool for the day – and as I drove down the road at 7.30am – there was the lady …jogging down the road !

As ever, all correspondence is in total confidence and of course information / advice is free. To obtain more information / make an appointment you can either email me via the website navigating to the Contact icon above or email direct on  Alternatively Telephone 01332 544412 or Mobile 07582 865 265 I look forward to hearing from you. Geoffrey Schofield D.CBT D.Hyp

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Geoffrey Schofield D.CBT D.Hyp

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