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I was interested to read the article by  Pete Cashmore of  The Guardian on Sunday 27th July 2014 when thinking about treatment for Depression in Derby.


Inevitably there is a political slant to it but it throws up some interesting points……..

The fact is that whenever I get consulted on treatment for depression in derby I often get asked a question like :

“I went to see my family doctor and he prescribed me an antidepressant  after I talked to him about feeling down for the past few weeks and unable to motivate myself to do anything. He didn’t mention anything about therapies like Hypnotherapy in Derby or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Derby (CBT). Do I need it?  Would it help?  I’ve been on this medication now for weeks and still feel depressed.”

The answer in almost every case is that Hypnotherapy or CBT are valuable treatment components to anyone suffering from clinical depression.  Doctors who don’t bring it up may either do so out of ignorance or embarrassment or extra costs involved, but put their own patients’ well-being and health at risk.

Also its a fact that many people just dont want to go down the medication route. To quote Pete Cashmore :

 Prozac, for example, necessitates a bedding-in period that can last a few weeks, during which it effectively takes you further down before getting you better – going on Prozac was what kept me off work for three weeks, experiencing brutal, suicidal lows. Citalopram made me balloon in weight and torpedoed my libido, so any positive effects it may have had were countered by the fact that I felt fat and disinterested in sex. My most recent medication, Sertraline, gave me extreme insomnia and luminous yellow diarrhoea.

The fact is that my treatment for depression in Derby is based on working initially on WHY you have the disorder, helping you to understand it and coping with it, then getting over it.

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