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Geoffrey Schofield D.Hyp D.CBT

About Geoff – Professional Hypnotherapist in Derby

Geoffrey Schofield D.CBT. DHyp.

Professional Hypnotherapist in Derby, providing Hypnotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Geoffrey Schofield - Hypnotherapist DerbyThe Alexander Practice is the business name of Geoffrey Schofield D.CBT DHyp, a  qualified Professional Hypnotherapist in Derby, providing Cognitive Behavioural therapy in the Derby, Nottingham, Leicestershire & Staffordshire areas (although clients do visit from further a field), located in a good “easy to find” location with car parking and on a main bus route.

I offer free consultations (by appointment) which are totally confidential in their nature which will enable you to discuss with me your symptoms or problems. You are always welcome to bring a friend or relative along with you to the consultation.



Client Feedback

Hi Geoffrey, I wanted to send you a ‘Thank You’ message.
As you know, my problems had controlled me all my life, and in the end was making normal every day living unbearable, but due to all your hard work and experience, the way I have been feeling is well on its way to disappearing. I have to thank you for persevering with me, when at times a ‘breakthrough’ was looking unlikely. It’s only through your patience and perseverance that this was eventually a success, so a massive ‘Thank You’.

What I want to say too, Geoffrey is that you always acted in a totally professional manner, but at the same time you were so kind, caring and compassionate towards my needs and feelings – all of these things were so important to me. Also, your honesty was second to none, again something which I very much appreciated.

Take care and again, THANK YOU.

Types of Hypnotherapy

You may be surprised to learn that many ‘ailments’ will respond to Hypnotherapy, as these problems often have a root in some form of anxiety / emotional issue – whether realised consciously or not. Whilst some of the simpler problems such as stopping smoking will respond to a single session of ‘suggestion therapy’ others will require more – involving such techniques as Analytical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Parts Therapy, Exposure Response & Prevention (ERP) etc. and would be discussed with you during the consultation.

Training, and Qualifications

Geoffrey is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Hypno-Analyst and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, gained through continuous study and training with the Hypnotherapy Control Board and the Academy for Continued Hypnosis Education and holds the Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) plus many other certified qualifications as required by the strict bounds of continuing professional development (CPD).

Geoffrey Schofield D.CBT D.Hyp
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