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Lose weight in Derby with Hypnotherapy

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I am a practitioner of some 15 years and have carried out in excess of 9,000 client sessions over the years and have therefore been helping clients lose weight in Derby with Hypnotherapy to good effect over this period. A small sample of testimonials :

“Hi Geoffrey,I am emailing you to update you on my progress 🙂 I came to see you with weight issues at the end of 2013/ beginning of 2014. Current weight loss 24 pounds….”

“Dear Geoff, I just wanted to send a quick message to update you on my progress since our session in March. I have now lost 10lb in 6 weeks – which included the Easter holidays! So I am thrilled – your easy method really does work for me…”

“Dear Geoffrey, I am writing to let you know that I am feeling total control with food….”

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how thrilled I am that I came to see you last Wednesday evening. I had lost 4lbs when I was weighed at my exercise class on Monday evening and I’ve never felt so positive and in control of my eating habits! I have been drinking water steadily through the day, and not snacking between meals except on fruit. Chocolate, biscuits and cakes are a doddle to resist unbelievably!!! “

Just a small sample of clients I have been able to help lose weight in Derby with hypnotherapy.

There are really two ways of looking at this issue with weight. Sometimes clients just need a little help to refocus them and get them back on track and into good habits. In this case a one off session will probably suffice. Equally it may well be that the client is suffering from stress / anxiety etc. In this case it is often better to look at what is behind the stress / anxiety before tackling the weight because quite often it is precisely this that is causing the problem / lack of motivation in the first place. I always offer a free consultation / advice so please don’t hesitate to contact me either by phone or email. Everything is of course in total confidence.

What I don’t do is Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. In my opinion, if you think about it, if you tell the subconscious that the stomach is say the size of a Golf Ball, then really it would need to be done in conjunction with expert advice with regards to dietary requirements. I tend to focus on getting you on to a healthy life style. So this would (where possible) focus on you becoming more active,smaller portion sizes, speed that you eat, what you are eating, cutting out snacking etc. Its not Rocket Science is it. If you consume less calories than you burn then you have to lose weight !

Therefore if you are looking for help to lose weight in Derby with hypnotherapy then contact me now.

Geoffrey Schofield D.CBT D.Hyp

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Geoffrey Schofield D.CBT D.Hyp

Geoffrey Schofield D.CBT D.Hyp

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