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Phobias and Anxiety in Derby

Phobias and Anxiety in Derby

Repressing emotions

Fears phobias anxiety

When a person finds themselves in a situation of intense emotion their mind has the ability to ‘repress’ those emotions.

Once those emotions have been bottled up, the mind can unfortunately create a phobia to warn that person not to get into the same situation again.

In technical terms, a phobia is an ‘external symbol of an internal anxiety’…

What are the reasons for phobias?

Whilst some Phobias may seem to have an obvious reason i.e. fear of fire, drowning etc. some clearly seem to make no sense at all. Rest assured, all Phobias serve a purpose. Some of the common ones include:

  • fear of flying [Aerophobia]
  • fear of spiders [Arachnophobia]
  • fear of being sick [Emetophobia]
  • fear of birds [Ornithophoba]
  • fear of death or dying [Thanatophobia]
  • fear of enclosed spaces [Claustrophobia]
  • fear of open spaces [Agorabphobia]
  • fear of heights [Acrophobia]

There are hundreds more!

How do you treat Phobias?

In therapy I will find the originating cause of the phobia and release it. Clearly when the emotions are released, the Phobia disappears.

Please be aware that in my own opinion, this form of therapy is the best in tackling problems of Phobias. Most other forms of therapy are reliant on the insight and experience of the therapist to guide you through what he/she thinks is causing the Phobia. The problem is of course that they have no way of knowing!

If you don’t release the cause of the Phobia, the pent up emotion will still be there.

The reason that Analytical Hypnotherapy (as taught by the IAH) is so successful is because it gets to the ‘root cause’ of the Phobia rather than relying on guess work.

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