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Alcohol Abuse in Derby

Alcohol Abuse in Derby

Therapy for Alcohol Abuse in Derby and Nottingham

Whatever the cause of your alcohol problem, be it emotional issues, stress, bottled up anxieties, or simply just getting yourself into a bad habit, the fact is, alcohol problems affects millions of British people – and it’s on the increase. It’s responsible for more than half of all accidental deaths and traffic fatalities. Left unchecked alcohol abuse can result in serious health issues, such as increased weight, liver, heart etc. It can also tear apart families, cause problems at work, sexual function, body co-ordination, sleep etc. It can even cause cancer and dementia. Whilst having a major negative impact on our lives, it is quite possible to beat alcohol and move on to a happier and more rewarding life.

alcohol abuse in derbyFor many, the (over) use of alcohol, on the surface appears to provide relief from anxiety, unresolved issues in relationships, low confidence and self-esteem. Indeed, many people feel they ‘‘need ‘’a drink before they can go out for the night or enjoy themselves. It gets abused and of course is so readily available and relatively cheap. The use of alcohol also seems a very social thing to do, and for some its just an unhealthy habit – which left unchecked can lead to us thinking that one or two bottles of wine a night or five pints is ‘normal’.

If you feel that Alcohol is now controlling your life it’s important that you at least consider the fact that it’s quite possibly a symptom of other issues and used as a way to cope with yourself and the world around you. Perhaps you did use alcohol as a way of overcoming shyness or stress – but now you’ve come to the conclusion that the ‘remedy’ has become the ailment and that Alcohol doesn’t need to be who you really are.

Dependencies, be they alcohol, drugs, tobacco etc all seem to work in a similar way. Alcohol acts like a charming thief – a ‘Raffles’ if you like. It can sweet talk you into taking it, but, as you have perhaps started to realise it takes more than it gives, stealing careers, relationships, health and money (sometimes lots of it). It can also steal your dignity – and your life. Those familiar with abuse will realise that as in any abusive situation people are more likely to go back to it when they are feeling vulnerable or low. As you may have noticed, attempts to force you to stop drinking rarely work and just back you into a corner, so its important that its your choice to bring about a change within you.

As with much of the work I do with clients you will hear the phrase “if you do what you’ve always done – you’ll get what you’ve always got”. Maybe it’s time for you to do something different to bring about a change in your life. It may be that we will look at the reasons why you now have these issues and help you to let go of them, challenge them…..change them. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this matter further. Remember, I offer a free and totally confidential consultation, which enables me to build up an overall picture of you and discuss the best way forward.

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