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Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve seen stage performers doing hypnosis and I’m worried that I’ll end up doing silly things…

‘Volunteer’s for stage performances are hand picked and are the types of people that would be outrageous in normal life. You cannot and will not be made to do anything that would be against your will.


So I cannot be controlled then?

Absolutely not, if anything ‘untoward’ was suggested you would NOT comply.

I cannot be made to do anything against my will then?

Again, NO. Our strict code of ethics would prohibit such practice – even if it were possible.

Can anyone by hypnotised?

Yes, providing they want to be. The only exceptions being those under the influence of drink or drugs or the mentally handicapped.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Well, believe it or not, there is no such thing as a hypnotised feeling. The nearest descriptor would be that half awake – half asleep drowsy feeling you get just before you fully wake up in the morning.

So will I be asleep?

No. Contrary to popular belief you will not be asleep, nor will you be in a trance. In fact you will be in a very high state of awareness.

Will I remember what happens in the session?

As in life generally, you remember most things..everybody is different. There is absolutely no reason why you will not recall everything.

I ‘m a bit worried about being hypnotised…is it dangerous?

It is a natural human reaction to be wary of things or events we do not understand or have not experienced. Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state of mind, it is extremely relaxing, no drugs or substitutes are used.

So how will you hypnotise me?

I will simply ask you to make yourself comfortable in a chair, close your eyes and I will guide you through carefully worded instructions in a relaxed state. At the end of the session I will guide you out of this state.

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