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Help With Stress Anxiety Panic Attack in Derby

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Help With Stress Anxiety Panic Attack in Derby

Do you need help with Stress Anxiety Panic Attack in Derby ? Having just read the article in the Daily Mail : entitled “Are you just stressed or are you having a panic attack ? “ ….I am prompted to comment. Firstly I will explain a little more :

I have provided speedy help with stress anxiety and panic attack in Derby for many years. Indeed having carried out in excess of 8,000 client sessions over the years I feel well qualified to comment. Let me tell you, Stress Anxiety and Panic Attack in Derby is the number one ailment I am consulted with. Approximately 50% of the population will suffer with this disorder at some period of their lives. I include myself in that statistic. The causes ? Well in general terms “the pressures of life”. Put simply, if you are living under a sustained ‘pressure’ for any given period then you are indeed a likely candidate I’m afraid. Pressure ? Well, these pressures are many and this list here clearly is not exhaustible – just typical :

  • Bereavement

  • Work

  • Relationships

  • Illness

  • Financial

  • Accidents

  • Living conditions

  • Bullying

  • School / University pressures

  • Poor sleep patterns

  • Alcohol

The condition normally starts with the stress and pressure, leading to anxiety and unless treated can lead to panic attacks and again if left untreated can well lead into depression.

OK. So what am I talking about, how do you know if you need help with Stress Anxiety Panic Attack in Derby ? Well, many people mistakenly think they have had a panic attack when they feel a sudden sense of anxiety. ie the stress of the “situation” starts to overwhelm you…causing you to feel anxious….unable to sleep etc… but a true panic attack is very different :

To quote the Daily Mail article “Your heart is racing, your chest feels tight and you’re having trouble breathing. Everything around you is out of focus and your palms are sweating. This is not a heart attack, but a panic attack”. Symptoms vary. When I suffered I was literally rooted to the spot, feeling sheer panic…almost terror. Chest pains – or like your chest is in a vice, hyper ventilation (rapid breathing). Basically, whatever the trigger may be, and its important to realise that the trigger may well not be known to you (ie at a subconscious level) “You get a sudden surge of adrenalin through the body. It is an extreme type of the ‘fight or flight’ reaction.” The rush of adrenalin causes the heart to beat faster, which in turn makes you breath more quickly. As you start to hyperventilate, your brain is getting too much oxygen which can make you feel dizzy and out of control. This makes you panic even more and makes the symptoms worse. You may also experience feelings of depersonalisation and derealisation, when it feels as though you are having an out-of-body experience or become detached from your environment.

People who need help with Stress Anxiety Panic Attack in Derby feel like they are going to die,’ says a spokesman, from the National Phobics Society. ‘But panic attacks are not fatal.’ Sufferers may also feel that they are going insane or losing control and can go on to develop other fears and phobias triggered by the experience. Most panic attacks will only last for a few minutes, although it may feel a lot longer because of the symptoms you are experiencing.

In this Daily Mail article it suggests that more women than men suffer with these effects but in my experience I have found that the split is 50/50. The fact is that women are more likely to seek help than men.

It is felt that people may not realise they are suffering from so much stress, until they have a panic attack out of the blue. It is like a warning signal from the body that you are under too much pressure. Other people may find themselves in a stressful situation, like a packed underground train, which they find they can no longer cope with. If you experience more than one panic attack in a similar situation – like a crowded shopping area – you may unconsciously start to avoid that area in the fear of experiencing another attack. This fear can lead to another type of phobia, like agoraphobia where people are frightened of being outside, or leaving home and being in public. Ultimately the fear could end up dictating your personal life, although you may be unaware that it all started with one panic attack.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that the numbers of people having panic attacks is on the rise. As stated 50% of the population will at some point in their lives suffer. The good news is that if you need help with Stress Anxiety Panic Attack in Derby then I can help. If you care to scroll up to the top of this page you can look in my main website or simply look at :

As a qualified Hypnotherapist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) and Stress Management Consultant over a period of 5 or 6 sessions (ideally weekly) I will help you overcome this disorder and “reclaim” your life. I always offer a free consultation. So what have you got to lose ? Its not a sign of weakness to admit you are suffering – just a realisation that “I cant go on like this”.

All conversations and sessions are in total confidence as you would expect. You can contact me via email if you wish : Telephone 01332 559 126 or Mobile 07582 865 265

Geoffrey Schofield D.CBT D.Hyp

Geoffrey Schofield D.CBT D.Hyp

I look forward to hearing from you. Geoffrey Schofield D.CBT D.Hyp

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