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Emetophobia Fear of Being Sick in Derby

Emetophobia Fear Of Being Sick Derby

Emetophobia Fear of Being Sick in Derby

Perhaps the biggest phobia I get consulted with is Emetophobia fear of being sick in Derby. I therefore am able to offer help with the fear of being sick in Derby / help with Emetophobia in Derby.

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I have also supplied the following definition (with special thanks to Wikipedia) :

Emetophobia is an intense, irrational fear or anxiety pertaining to vomiting. This specific phobia can also include subcategories of what causes the anxiety, including a fear of vomiting in public, a fear of seeing vomit, a fear of watching the action of vomiting or fear of being nauseated.

Emetophobia is clinically considered an “elusive predicament” because limited research has been done pertaining to it. The fear of vomiting receives little attention compared with other irrational fears. Emetophobia is not limited by age or maturity level. There are cases of emetophobia present in childhood and adolescence, as well as adulthood

The root word for emetophobia is “emesis,” from the Greek word emein which means “an act or instance of vomiting” with “phobia” meaning “an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation.”

People with emetophobia frequently report a vomit related traumatic event, such as a long bout of stomach flu, accidentally vomiting in public, or having to witness someone else vomit, as the start of the emetophobia. They may also be afraid of hearing that someone is feeling like vomiting or that someone has vomited, usually in conjunction with the fears of seeing someone vomit or seeing vomit.


There is a strong agreement in the scientific community that there is no specific cause of emetophobia. Some emetophobics report a traumatic experience with vomiting, almost always in childhood, some do not. Some suggest that sufferers are victims of childhood abuse – sexual or physical. While this is occasionally true, it seems to be no more prevalent than in the general population. Some experts believe that emetophobia may be linked to worries about lack of control. Many people try to control themselves and their environment in every possible way, but vomiting is difficult or impossible to control.

There are many factors that can cause a legitimate case of emetophobia. It can affect the minds of young children, but Emetophobia can also be in the brain at any age.

Dr. Angela L. Davidson conducted an experiment where it was concluded through various surveys that people suffering from emetophobia are more likely to have an internal locus of control pertaining to their everyday life as well as health-related matters.

A locus of control is an individual’s perception of where control comes from. Having an internal locus of control means that an individual perceives that they have their own control over a situation whereas an external locus of control means that an individual perceives that some things are out of their control.

She explains how this phobia is created through the locus of control by stating, “Thus far, it seems reasonable to stipulate that individuals with a vomiting phobia deem events as being within their control and may therefore find it difficult to relinquish this control during the act of vomiting, thus inducing a phobia.”

In an internet survey conducted by Dr. Joshua D. Lipsitz given to emetophobic people, respondents gave many different reasons as to why they became emetophobic. Among some of the causes listed were severe bouts of vomiting as children and being first hand witnesses to severe vomiting in others due to illness pregnancy, or alcoholism

Effects on Life

Emetophobics may also suffer from other complicating disorders and phobias, such as social anxiety, fear of flying and agoraphobia. These three are very common because people who fear vomiting are often terrified of doing so, or encountering it, in a public place. Therefore, they may restrict their social activities so they avoid any situations with alcohol or dining out in restaurants. Emetophobics may also limit exposure to children for fear of germs. Females who suffer from this disorder delayed pregnancy or avoided it altogether because of the fear of morning sickness. People who have a fear of vomiting may avoid travel because of the worry about motion sickness or others experiencing it around them.

Dr. Lipsitz findings also showed that those afflicted with emetophobia often have difficulties comfortably leading a normal life. Many find that they have problems being alone with young children, and they may also avoid social gatherings where alcohol is present. Retaining an occupation becomes difficult for emetophobics. Professions and personal goals can be put on hold due to the high anxiety associated with the phobia,and travelling becomes almost impossible for some.

Other inhibitions on daily life can be seen in meal preparation. Many emetophobic people also have specific “rituals” for the food they eat and how they prepare it. They frequently check the freshness of the food along with washing it several times in order to prevent any potential sicknesses that they could contract from foods not handled properly. Eating out is also avoided, if possible, and when asked, many felt they were underweight because of the strict diets that they put upon themselves

I hope that this article has given you a better understanding of of this Phobia. If you feel you are in need of help with Emetophobia fear of being sick in Derby and how I can potentially help with this disorder please do not hesitate to contact me – I always offer a free consultation. Either via the website or simply scroll upwards and follow the links. Alternatively I can be contacted as follows :

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