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Geoffrey Schofield D.Hyp D.CBT


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Hypnotherapy in Derby

As a consultant in Analytical / Clinical Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Derby and Nottingham, your recommended therapist is Geoffrey Schofield D.Hyp D.CBT. A skilled and successful practitioner within the field of Hypnotherapy, CBT and Stress Management

As a full time Hypnotherapist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in Derby he has assisted many thousands of people from all walks of life with their emotional, physical or psychological problems such as stopping smoking, losing weight, eating disorders, insomnia, phobias, fear, anxiety, depression, blushing and much more. Contained within these pages you will find the gateway to a better life…

Geoffrey Schofield D. Hyp D. CBT

geoffrey-schofield-alexander-practiceHaving started studying Hypnotherapy in 1995 I am a full time practitioner and have successfully helped many hundreds of clients with a variety of problems, and have successfully conducted in excess of 8,000 client sessions over the years.

You will find me a caring and considerate practitioner, used to dealing with concerns of a ‘confidential‘ nature. Over the years I have successfully used Hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis, Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to deal with clients from my Derby surgery.

I offer free consultation (by appointment) which is totally confidential in their nature which will enable you to discuss with me your symptoms / problems.

If you are looking for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Hypnotherapy in Derby, then please contact me to discuss what I can do to assist you.

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